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Pet Urine Odor Removal

Pet Urine Odor Removal in Bronx, NY


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We’ll Professionally Remove Pet Urine Odor in Your Home

Has your pet had an accident and you just can’t get rid of that awful smell? We at Bronx Chem-Dry will come in and remove it for you! We have a special process to treat pet urine and odor. Give us a call today at 917.447.8474 with any question you may have!

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Pets Are Bound to Have Accidents

Lots of families own pets. They are a great addition to the family and can bring a lot of joy. But pets often times have accidents purtwhich get absorbed into your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. It can smell and look horrid. Removing the odors can be really difficult and removing spots where your pet had a “secret accident” can be hard to find. We have the equipment and products to find and remove those odors and stains. We have a special UV light to detect pet urine and use our amazing P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) process to clean. It comes in contact with the source of the problem and creates a chemical reaction to eliminate pet odors.

We Can Remove 99.9% Of Pet Odors In Bronx, NY

If you do not remove pet odors, they can stay in your home and affect your health and happiness. Most times, pets will return to the area they have had accidents at before. Our P.U.R.T. cleaning method has been tested and on average, was found to remove 99.9% of pet odors! Pet urine requires a special process because it penetrates into the fibers and seeps into the carpet and floors beneath.

Our Pet Urine Removal Treatment Process

We at Bronx Chem-Dry are experts when it comes to removing pet urine stains and odors! Our advanced equipment and products are the real heroes. When we come in and use them, we will get rid of those smells and stains! First, we will inspect your carpets with our UV light. Second, your carpets will be rinsed with our Hot Carbonated Extraction to help loosen/remove any urine crystals. Third, we will apply P.U.R.T. to each stain, which will penetrate the carpet fibers for a deep clean. P.U.R.T. will take the next 24-36 hours to break down all of the odor-causing elements and once it is finished--voila! The smells will be gone!

We are your trusted professional when it comes to removing pet urine odors from your carpets. Give us a call in Bronx, NY at 917.447.8474 or request a free estimate below! We look forward to working with you to remove any pet urine smells you have in your home!