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Customer Testimonials


Happy Chem-Dry Customer

Dear Bronx Chem-Dry:

Elvin was so good to work with! I spoke to a number of different companies before selecting Chem Dry of Manhattan. Elvin was the only one who would give me a straight answer about a price before I hired him. He was also extremely helpful and patient with all the hoops we had to jump through on my end (getting permission from the building to clean, certificates of insurance, access to the suite on a weekend, etc). We had a lot of really bad stains in the office and he was able to get them all out. Not only that, but he could point out exactly what they were: coffee, juice, food. He arrived on-time, figured out a workaround when our loading dock was blocked (as it often is), was very friendly and helpful, and did a great job managing his helpers. I trust Elvin and would hire Chem-Dry of Manhattan again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended. Your carpets will thank you!

-John R. Brooklyn, NY

Dear Bronx Chem-Dry:

Elvin is knowledgeable about all things involving stains. He was a great resource at my new law office where he knew how to repair a glaring stain in a prominent place that no one else who I had contacted knew how to correct. This business should be on your short list for difficult to treat spots or stains. A lesson learned: before you begin to try to remove a stain, first call Elvin. Here's why: if you use the wrong solvent or stain remover on textiles, his ability to completely remove the stain will be compromised. It is my hope that anyone who reads this review benefits from that advice!

-Mark B. NY, NY

Dear Bronx Chem-Dry:

Only good things to say about Elvin and his team. After another outfit pretty much wasted my company's time, I found ChemDry online. Elvin answered my inquiry right away, and was very candid about what he could do to help. We scheduled the cleaning for that weekend. The team showed up on time, and honestly worked magic in the two hours they were here. 4 year old carpets that had seen every kind of traffic and staining are practically brand new again. We were having new carpet installed in different areas at the time, and Elvin was able to give me tips for best maintaining these in the future. Highly recommended.

-Light O. Manhattan, NY

Dear Bronx Chem-Dry:

Elvin at Chemdry was great! He took my phone call, gave me clear estimates of the costs involved in cleaning the carpets, area rug and sofa upholstery in my 2 bedroom apartment, and was able to schedule a cleaning within 2 days -- on a Saturday afternoon! I looked into it, and their prices are competitive with the big names around. Elvin showed up on time with his assistant to do the job and they were nothing but professional and efficient. They had my old, stained wall-to-wall carpet, rug and upholstery looking refreshed and bright in a matter of a few hours. This kind of convenience is well worth the money. I would not hesitate to call on them again.

-Ord S. Manhattan, NY